What To Look For In A Dog Treat Training Pouch

What To Look For In A Dog Treat Training Pouch

Being a pet parent comes with a lot of responsibility. Just like children, one of the most important gifts you can give your pet is conditioning, or as they say in the business: training. It’s a rare dog (or any pet really) that will turn down a treat. Er go, providing small treats as little rewards for the behaviors you want from your pup is the best way to go. But treat training shouldn’t just happen in the house for the typical ‘sit’ commands. You want to condition your pup to respond in a variety of experiences – so get outside, where the action is and practice, practice, practice. To do this you’ll want an efficient, sturdy, and useful carry-all. Here’s what to look for in a dog treat training pouch.

Got Dog Will Travel: What To Look For In A Dog Treat Training Pouch

Akin to your special backpack or purse or iPhone case, features make or break a good dog treat training pouch. Small, efficient, rugged, and with an eye towards design make for a quality pouch. Here is what we look for in a dog treat training pouch, regardless of brand.
  • Quality Materials: Not only do you want your dog treat training pouch to last a long time, you want it to hold up to the wear and tear, tug and pull, everyday use that comes with constant positive conditioning of your doggo. Easy-to-clean materials (bonus points for pull out liners) that are durable and yet easy to maneuver for folding into backs of cars or any time you travel.
  • Ergonomics and Capacity: While ensuring you have enough treats is important, if the design is bad….you’ll lose eyesight with your pup when you try to open a poorly designed dog treat pouch, and breaking a gaze is a no-no when conditioning. Easy to open drawstrings for rapid rewarding is key. While over the shoulder carry straps are convenient, the ability to clip the pouch to your belt or jacket is a must – this allows for a variety of secure positioning and easy training treat dispensing. We highly recommend a metal belt clip versus plastic, as we’ve returned numerous faulty and broken plastic clip-based dog treat dispensers.
  • Extra Features: Look for a pouch that conveniently stores treats, small pet toys, pet-related accessories, and even has zipper pockets for your wallet, phone and keys. A training clicker that attaches to the pouch is ideal for positive reinforcement – click and treat when Fido does what you want him to do. If you can find all of these features along with netted pockets (sides and back) – then you are in the home stretch. The extra feature that separates a dog treat training pouch from the others: automatic poop bag dispenser! A poop bag dispenser is a must, and the pouches that allow for you to load them in the side and pull one out to create easy poop bag dispensing without unzipping or yanking, etc., is winner-winner-chicken-dinner!

Dog Treat Training Pouch Recommendation

Now days there are a number of good dog treat training pouches out on the market. Paw Lifestyle has a decent pouch, we’d recommend they add drawstring treat closure, a clicker clip-on, and netted side pockets; and Pet Fit For Life which has a lot of good features, and we’d like to see them change their belt clip-on to metal and make a bit smaller version. We really like Looeys Dog Treat Pouch – as Meghan Trainor says, “it has all the right junk in all the right places!”

Looeys pouch comes with a metal belt clip plus a number of clip-on sling straps, easy-to-clean drawstring treat closure, netted side and back carry spots, zipper pockets (fits the new fancy large-sized smartphones), clip-on clicker, poop bag dispenser, and a human animal bond building eBook. All of this and it’s sturdy, compact, and ergonomically efficient – and snappy looking to boot!What To Look For In A Dog Treat Pouch, by Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDog

Most helpful review of Looeys pet treat pouch: “I bought this treat pouch for my daily walks with Yoda and it’s great! Has a large interior and fits a lot of treats&toys+my phone and wallet. Poop bag dispenser is designed on the side of the bag which makes it very easy to grab one every time my dog gives me a surprise. I already cleaned it because you can pull out its liner – love this feature because my old one didn’t have it and was messy. The nicest part is the dog treat recipe that my wife found in the received ebook and Yoda really seems to enjoy them. Highly recommend!”

Choose Your Dog Treat Pouch Wisely

Make sure you consider how you are with your dog when you are out for walks – what items do you take with you, what would make your experience easier for both you and your dog. You’ll want to think about your lifestyle – are you active, do you like to hike, live near or play in water with your pup, do you need to carry water or would a little collapsible bowl do. Once you inventory your and your pups needs, and cross-reference our tips for selecting the right dog treat pouch you’ll know what you need!

Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDogThanks for reading, and until next time – take care and keep on lovin’ your dog! MattieDog A little dog making a big impact in this world, MattieDog, social media superstar, animal advocate, animal author

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  1. The pouches look fantastic and so easy to use. I carry the treats in the backpack only because it is easier when you are in a dog park otherwise all the dogs follow you around LOL.

  2. This SUCH a neat video! You highlight ALL the good stuff, and emphasise that the pack us sturdy (critical for a pet owner IMHO). A good pack can make the word of difference to a walk with your pup.

    I love Spike’s enthusiasm 😉 Had you done this on a walk now THAT might have got his attention!!

  3. This SUCH a neat video! You highlight ALL the good stuff, and emphasise that the pack us sturdy (critical for a pet owner IMHO). A good pack can make the word of difference to a walk with your pup.

    I love Spike’s enthusiasm 😉 Had you done this on a walk now THAT might have got his attention!!!!!

  4. Wow! That is an amazing looking pouch! I tend to just cram treats in my pockets which, of course, is not very effective, lol!

  5. I actually really have to start working on some training with my girl…….these were some helpful tips for getting the perfect treat bag for us!

  6. Thanks for these suggestions! We’re always looking for durable pouches, as we do a lot of hiking with our dogs.

  7. These are some great suggestions for those who are owned by dogs and need something durable and effective for keeping their treats in.

  8. I like the video and love the pouch. My dog tends to run through a lot of treats when training, so capacity is an issue I often have. This pouch looks like it will hold enough for even Soldier!

  9. Ah, I love this one. It fits everything and kitchen sink 🙂

  10. If I am out walking Gusto on the trail, I like a pouch that is on a belt that fastens around my waist rather than a metal clip that manages to unclip itself whenever I bend down. I also prefer the pouches that pop open and closed with metal spring-loaded strips. Great tips in this post.

  11. This one looks really well made. I also like the way it looks!


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