What If Dogs Could Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election?

What If Dogs Could Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election?

Honestly, hasn’t the 2016 presidential election been a total freak out? The only thing that would make it better is if people would drive to our abodes and hand us free popcorn… Nope, this isn’t a movie trailer people, this stuff is for realz! All of this chaos has me wondering, what if dogs could vote in the 2016 presidential election?

What If Dogs Could Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election?

What If Dogs Could Vote, by Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDog

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There are a few things I’ve learned from my eight adopted dogs. In no particular order, here they are:

  • Generally speaking, dogs know if a person has been good or bad. They are like Santa that way. If dogs could vote in this year’s election then we’d be more apt to suss out fact from fiction.
  • Dogs are kind to everyone they meet. Again, a bit like Santa. If dogs could vote, we’d replace the vitriolic rhetoric with kindness. Debates would be a nice venue to make friends, just hanging out together.
  • Dogs typically aren’t persuaded or dissuaded by words….nope, give them a treat and you’ve won their heart! So, if dogs could vote we’d hear less words and see more tasty dog treats.
  • Leadership is important to dogs. They are drawn to other dogs, enjoy the ‘group’ approach and tend to follow the leader with the best sensibilities and characteristics. A great skill when you think about it.
  • Dogs don’t harbor a grudge. When dogs don’t agree amongst themselves they make their point and then work to rebuild the relationship. They don’t harbor anger. Boy, do we need dogs as role models this election.
  • Integrity and trust are important in your relationship with your dog. So, if dogs could vote they’d likely seek that out in their candidate of choice.

2016 Presidential Election Trump and Clinton Dog ToysWe’re Going to the Dogs

Don’t you wish? All-in-all, dogs are pretty cool creatures. Sensible. Okay… Maybe they’ll eat until they get sick and roll around in cow manure. But the thing is with dogs – they always mean well. So, yes, bring it, I’d love if we were going to the dogs. In order for dogs to be anything other than loving they must be indoctrinated, taught to be angry or frightened. Just like children. Hmmm…. Dogs and children are a lot alike – innocent, kind and pure. Perhaps we would be better off if we let dogs and children vote.

Vote To Make Your Dog Proud!

Well, there you have it. A little food for thought. And since dogs can’t vote, go ahead and vote to make your dog proud. Remember that the day after the election, after the ‘winner’ is declared, there will be another day, and that we all must continue to thrive on this planet…together. Let’s all take a collective deep cleansing breath and remember that we are all connected. What I do or say to you, I am doing or saying to me. Positive thoughts equate positive energy, and culminate in a positive world. Be kind, be happy, drink lots of water, curl up and take naps, and roll around just for the heck of it – truly, rolling around is a lot of fun!

So go out and vote, make it count, be happy that you get to exercise your right to vote and be kind to everyone you meet – even if they don’t share your exact same view of the world!

Thanks for reading, and until next time – take care and keep on lovin’ your dog!

Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDog


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  1. Too cute!

    • Thanks Jackie – we just couldn’t take all the ‘grrrr’ any more and wondered how things might be different if dogs voted! 🙂


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