We Dig PL360 and Hosting a Giveaway

We Dig PL360 and Hosting a Giveaway

If you haven’t heard about PL360, step back because they are pawesome! We dig PL360 so much we’re hosting a giveaway!

PL360 has been around for more than 14 years; and they’ve made it their mission to create effective products that keep our pets healthy, happy and clean in the simplest way possible. PL360 uses natural, safe-for-pets, ingredients, that really get the job done. Plus they are innovative! With three (3) ways to help you and your pet create a safe and fresh environment, PL360 focuses on pet grooming and health, and your home.

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Pawesome PL360 Items

Since we are hosting a big PL360, for pet lovers everywhere, giveaway – we wanted to try all of the PL360 products in our prize package: Oatmeal Foaming Shampoo, Odor Neutralizing Carpet Power, Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes, Grooming Wipes, and Anxiety Relief. All of the products are good for you free of bad things, is made in the USA and is never tested on animals – and recyclable! Here’s a summary of what we found in our trial:

I admit it, I’m an itchy Shih Tzu….we have sensitive skin! For my itch momma used the Oatmeal Foaming Shampoo. Don’t be fooled by the soft vanilla scent, this shampoo is powerful – it has no paragons, sulfates, phthalates, toxins, lanolin, soap or alcohol. Plus this product it safe to use with spot-on flea and tick treatments; and is PH balanced for pooches and is biodegradable. It doesn’t get much better than this shampoo. Tough and tender – just like me!

Momma’s favorite product was the PL360 Multi Surface Cleansing Wipes. Why? Fragrance-free and no ammonia, bleach, phosphates, phthalates or sulfates. Try to find that in a cleaning product – pretty hard to do. She uses this handy dandy wipes all over our toys, sleeping crates, and on the counter tops where she prepares our food. Pretty cool!

MattieDog, Shih tzu cleaning, shih tzu, PL360, carpet freshener

PL360 Carpet Powder

Dadz favoritest product – by far it was the Carpet Powder, a plant-based cleaning power that eliminates deep odors and freshened our home. As the other products it was free of all that bad stuff – and filled with all the good stuff, and is nonallergenic. Dadz is a bit of a clean freak. Yup, I said it – he’s a clean-o-nuts-o! So dadz was very impressed by the Carpet Powder – he loved that it used plant-based neutralizers to get the stink out; and that you didn’t have to use a large amount, and that it didn’t leave a sea of white powder behind like many other pet-odor releasing carpet deodorizers do.

MattieDog, Shih tzu cleaning, shih tzu, PL360

PL360 Anxiety Relief

Well, and for Spike – we got a little treat! Secret be told – Spike, our little Chihuahua, can get a bit spooked by open spaces. Not too bad, but a little nervous. We tried the Anxiety Relief a 1/2 hour prior to taking him to his groomer and we were surprised at how mellow he was. The Anxiety Relief his specially formulated with chamomile and tryptophan (which once absorbed, is used by the body to produce serotonin (a neurotransmitter) and melatonin (a hormone) to create or stimulate an anti-anxiety and calming effects and induce feelings of drowsiness). Plus they are beef based, so Spike acted like he got a little treat. Amazing!

Now it’s your chance to win a PL360 pet lovers package just like the one I have! Enter through my Rafflecopter giveaway and a big prize package could be all yours. Entries must be completed by Saturday, October 11, 2015, Noon (Pacific time, USA). Part of the giveaway contests asks you to leave a comment – so go ahead and do so today!

With lub, MattieDog

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  1. Wonderful items and love the odor neutralizer for carpets. Hugs.

  2. Very informative Mattie – Moo has sensitive skin so will look out for these here!

    • Aw, one of our pups has very sensitive skin dats why we liked dis product! Make sure you enter da giveaway and who knows, maybe you’ll get dem to try!

  3. These look like great cleaning products! I remember seeing them at BlogPaws 2015.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Dey are fabulous – you should check dem out when you can!


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