Valentine’s Day Has Gone to the Shih Tzus!

Valentine’s Day Has Gone to the Shih Tzus!

Ah Valentine’s Day! The day we have elected, or Hallmark elected for us, to celebrate our love for that someone special. But what if your someone special is also someone else’s someone special? Me and My Better Whole (a.k.a. my husband Joe) were married on Valentine’s Day – eons ago – and we use this special day to celebrate our mutual love for our dogs. I know, a bit cray cray, right? Well, no not really – they are our family and we love them. In our house, Valentine’s Day has gone to the Shih Tzus!

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We’ve had Shih Tzu’s for decades, and My Better Whole was raised with them. Well, not literally with Shih Tzus… although, one might argue that he was raised by wolves. Speaking of that, the Shih Tzu breed has been linked via DNA to the ancestry of wolves. I know, go figure…from a wolf comes a little fluff ball! On Valentine’s Day we celebrate our ‘little lion dogs’ because we’re inspired by their super loving nature. Thought to be from Tibet, the little Shih Tzu was bred for companionship for the monks and slept at their feet in order to keep them warm. You have to dig that on a cold night. Plus Shih Tzu’s are truly affectionate, happy, outgoing little house dogs who love to follow their family members around wherever you go – making a point to tilt their head and watch your every move. Playful, silly, and affectionate – that sums them up fairly well.

Our Valentine’s Day Gift to our Shih Tzu’s

Admittedly, we’re a little coo-coo for Shih Tzus. So, it should come as no surprise that we have a little Valentine’s Day ritual we like to experience together with our fuzzy ones. Every Valentine’s Day my Better Whole and I reaffirm our love for our pup’s breed through a bit of a competition: Who can find the cutest Shih Tzu trinket! Oh, yes, and we make a special meal for our dogs – but honestly, we just love playing a one upsmanship of finding some unique items that pay homage to Shih Tzus. What can I say, our college years are behind us and our Medicare years before us…we get our competitive yahoos where we can find them!

Celebrate Your Dog’s Breed

I know, not everyone can have a Shih Tzu (but if you do want one, make sure to check out a Shih Tzu purebred rescue group). And, well, you may have your own breed for which you are truly dedicated. Say like a Dachshund, or Weimaraner, or Pug. But whatever breed you go ‘coo-coo’ for – do it with pride! Don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t have the right to be totally, full-on, in love with your pup – even so much so that you celebrate Valentine’s Day with him or her. Heck, we do – we include all of our dogs in our anniversary celebration! We’ve done everything from trips together to having dinner at a fast food drive through restaurant – because it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, it matters who we’re doing it with. And for me and my Better Whole, that means we include our fuzzy pups. So…without further ado, let’s see what we’ve selected to celebrate our dogs this Valentine’s Day!

This Year’s “Valentine’s Day Has Gone To the Shih Tzus” Competition

Valentine's Day picks for the Shih Tzu lover in your life! Shih Tzu Gifts, Shih Tzu themed gifts, pink shih tzu, shih tzu, Valentine's Day for dog lovers, valentine's day shih tzu

Snow Cone Coffee Mug | Snow Cone iPhone Case | Dog Days Shih Tzu Print | Rolling Pin
No Attention Shoulder Bag | Nutella in Paws iPhone Case | Namast’ay Coffee Mug

Who Won?

Can you figure out which ones I picked? Yup, all the little round headed Shih Tzu iPhone and ice cream coffee mug things. Aren’t they too cute – I mean it, like too, too cute! Honestly my Better Whole did a good job too – actually, he won the competition. Drum roll…….rolling pin, takes the cake! I just loved it, and I can’t wait to make a blackberry pie with a Shih Tzu imprinted crust. Life, it’s fun when you make it fun 🙂 and, I kind of dig the Namast’ay mug, which is a good thing because my Better Whole ordered that for himself and you know what they say, “what’s mine is mine, and what’s his is mine.” Know of any cute Shih Tzu-themed gifts – share them with us!

Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links, providing, at no additional cost to you, a small commission for our dog mission when you purchase. Plus, we only bring you cool things that we know and love!

Why do I call my husband my Better Whole? Because, all joking aside, he’s much more than my better half, he is my complete better whole. Happy anniversary babe!
Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDogThanks for reading, and until next time – take care and keep on lovin’ your dog!

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  1. I don’t know how you could pick from all the cute ShihTzu themed products! I go crazy for pug products – whenever I see one I can’t resist!

  2. BOL – we love the catchy title… and those sure are some cute items!

  3. I can’t even pick between those two phone cases both are too adorable! This is a fun competition – a win-win for everyone.

  4. I have not yet thought about Valentines but will for definite cook a special meal for Layla as its just us celebrating together

  5. What a fun post! The Nutella iPhone case is so cute! All the items are…….methinks I will have to shop for some cool Poodle-y stuff! And some cool cat stuff too!

  6. Those gifts are adorable – especially love the mug! My grandparents were married on Valentine’s day. My hubby doesn’t buy into it so I treat myself and the furbies.

  7. Love the title~ I support a lot of rescue groups and other non-profits, but always lend a helping hand with our breed rescue. It’s important to help when we can.

  8. Oh my gosh, those phone covers are adorable! I need to make some corgi ones!

  9. I also love the phone covers! Ruby is a mix of poodle and yorkie and maybe some other things, too. And we are totally head over heals in love with her.

  10. Those are all super adorable things. I gave my friend a rolling pin with cats on it for her wedding present!

  11. The phone covers are too cute for words. I must confess: For some reason, my dog, Dexter, is drawn to shih tzus. He obsesses over them on walks when we run into them, at conferences, and the park. Not sure what it is but he goes shih tzu for them!

    • Dex has Shih Tzu love! 🙂 Probably with Dex’s super wiggly rump Shih Tzu’s are so drawn to him, and tilt their head and stare – Dex exudes love through his body language and that really draws the little guys! We agree the phone covers – too amazingly cute!
      MattieDog recently posted…How To Save Money Making Homemade Dog Treats!My Profile

  12. How cute! I’m not a huge “stuff” person but I agree that rolling pin is AWESOME! I need a Chi one. 🙂

  13. These are great gift ideas! I desperately want a dog rolling pin, but not a breed specific one. I love dogs in general, during my life I’ve lived with 7 different breeds and several mutts.
    Beth recently posted…Happy Tails: Buster the Boston TerrierMy Profile

  14. I think Shih Tzus are adorable. Our mom’s mom has a Shih Tzu mix and he’s a lot of fun.


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