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A Dog On Social Media? Yes, For Animal Rescue

This is how it all started! MattieDog joined forces with other animal-loving social media users to change the world. Beginning in 2009, MattieDog cleverly crafted a strategy to use social media to help raise funds for animals. Delivering a jolt to the fund raising world, we partnered with other likeminded individuals to raise over $50K for animal charities. We here at MattieDog® continue to receive recognition and awards for our novel use of web-based platforms, and in the process have become a social media superstar!

How We Can Help You

Social media effectively connects animal lovers throughout the world, uniting us in our efforts to help animals. Having partnered with some of the best in the business, we can aid animal charities in establishing an online presence that helps meet your fundraising goals. If you are a registered tax-exempt nonprofit animal charity and enjoy creativity and fun, get in touch with us!

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