MattieDog Gets Adopted, a dog's view of rescue and adoption

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MattieDog Gets Adopted is a fun, hope-filled book that tells the story of rescue and adoption from a dog’s point-of-view! Mattie went from street dog to being one of America’s biggest social media superstars! Read about how the magic began. Order your copy now, knowing all proceeds go to help animals!

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Not only am I writing my very own BOOKS… I write regularly for numerous online and paper animal-related magazines and blogs, and have a regular column in The Anipal Times. Did you know I’m also available to write for YOU?! Yup, I’m a guaranteed thing, with nearly 55K social media readers! Better contact me to get in on this!


I’ve always been extremely impressed with the time and dedication that Mattie puts into researching stories and getting interviews, he has a knack for asking emotional (and sometimes difficult) questions and soliciting candid, heartfelt responses. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mattie for several years and am continually impressed with the hard work and responsiveness I see each and every time an article is produced. I would recommend him for any animal-related piece that requires thoughtfulness and care of the subject matter.

Heather King

Editor-In-Chief, Anipal Times

We, ‘The Barbi Twins’ took our 7.5 minutes of fame each and used it to speak for the animals. Throughout our career we have had every magazine and journalist want to know the mystery behind the Barbi Twins. What was refreshing about our interview with Mattie, he was totally ethical, honest, and fun, highlighting us and what we do for animal charities, not just us as a Hollywood sensation, and yet he wrote so captivating, like a E True Hollywood Story. Can you believe a cute little dog got us more than most top journalists or interviewers, he really did his homework and was interested in all our life and all the projects we have to help save animals. I want the world to see this great article he wrote. Thank you MattieDog for telling our story – you are a star and touch the lives of so many animal lovers that help save animals. WE LOVE YOU!

Barbi Twins

MattieDog asked all the right questions and put together a great article about my rescue group that really shines a light on our values, why we do what we do, and how readers can help out with rescue.

Jenna Gates

Shiba Rescue, Inc.

I enjoyed working with MattieDog! He was prepared, professional, and funny. He did his research to be informed and ready for our interview. My movie, Doggie Boogie, is near and dear to my heart. MattieDog relayed the joy found in the script. MattieDog was a complete joy to work with.

Romanus Wolter

Director, Writer, Producer, Doggie Boogie Movie

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