MattieDog Reviews Animal-Themed Books

MattieDog Reviews Animal-Themed Books

MattieDog Gets Adopted, a dog's view of being rescued and adopted, animal-themed booksA dog that reviews books? Yes indeedy! My momma helps me read animal-themed books and this is where I’m going to share my thoughts and reviews. An animal that reads about animals to talk about animal books – that’s a lot of animals!

Right now we’re reading quite a few books and will soon launch our first book review. Until then here are some reviews for my new book, “MattieDog Gets Adopted!”

MattieDog Gets Adopted Book Reviews

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It's me MattieDog, one of da coolest dogs on da planet! You've heard of me, I'm a fuzzy little Shih Tzu dat helps spread da word about animal adoption! I use my celebrity to do good for animals. I write numerous articles and columns for animal-related magazines, and I'm the star of my own book series!

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