How Small Fundraisers Save Animals Lives

How Small Fundraisers Save Animals Lives

Contrary to what many people think, it doesn’t take a lot of money to make a difference for rescue critters. There are a number of thrifty ways no money or small dollar approaches can make a big impact. Here’s a few of my tips for how small fundraisers can save animal’s lives.

No Money:

  • Garage Sale! Easy peasy, clean your house and host a garage sale with all proceeds going to an animal rescue or charity of your choice. Advertise your garage sale for what it is – great, gently used items up for sale with all proceeds going to help defray costs of adoptions or spay and neutering.
  • Go for a Walk! There are free apps out there designed for you to enter your daily dog walk information to then have that data converted to money donated to an animal rescue of your choice. The more walks you and others make towards an animal cause, the bigger the pay out. Check out WoofTracks for an example.
  • Write a Grant! Grants are free money distributed to individuals or groups that submit their needs via the standards of the gifting group. You’ll need to read and submit according to the grant requirements. Check out this great list of available animal-related grants.
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Clever Spay & Neuter T-Shirt!

Small Money: where small money is of issue, make sure to buy from or support fundraisers where most, or all, of the funds raised go directly to animal welfare. This is my recommendation, and while I support larger groups that have more overhead to pay for, my preference is for fundraisers that focus on a specific group or need. Akin to the buy local and shop small campaigns where your dollars support small, local businesses – there are a lot of small money fundraisers going on at all times, you just have to keep a look out.

I often run no money or small money animal fundraiser campaigns – I like them as I get to meet more people, and reap the rewards of engaging with recipients of my fundraisers. It’s rewarding! I have a small money fundraiser going on right now – check it out, it’s a clever little $25 MattieDog© Spay and Neuter T-Shirt Campaign. For every 25 t-shirts sold $100, all proceeds, go to fund World Spay Day 2016 – an annual day of defrayed, low-cost/free spay and neutering. On World Spay Day numerous U.S., and international, animal rescues and veterinarian organizations collaborate to help make a big impact! Depending on the number of t-shirts sold, I hope to help defray the cost of at least 10 animal’s spay or neutering surgery in the Pacific Northwest! 

Mutts20150224So, if you have small money and can help support my little fundraiser, I, along with the dogs and cats involved in the upcoming World Spay Day, would sure appreciate your purchase! If you have no money, don’t sweat it there are ways you can make a difference too – it’s all important and matters in the lives of animals! Oh and if you have a great little fundraiser or tips for a no money way to help out animals, then you know I’m all ears just get in touch with me!

With lub, MattieDog

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  1. I appreciate the tips – I can certianly use them as we are still growing and trying to build up a base of funds. We are taking a grant writing class, but have to wait for the IRS to issue us our tax-exempt status before applying.


    • I’ve held a lot of garage sales, where I’ve asked friends, family, neighbors, etc., to clean out their closets to help raise funds for animals – and they always do it! Good luck to you – with dedication and hearts full of passion anything can happen!!

    • Awww, thank you my wonderful friend! 🙂

  2. Great ideas for supporting animal rescues and causes with no or little money! I’ll share it on Twitter. 🙂

    I tend to get things on auctions sometimes to help specific cats in need of medical help or for their owners to pay large vet bills. I can definitely relate to the vet bill expenses and want to help others whenever I am able.



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