Dear Frito Lay® Get Out of My Dog’s Paws!

Dear Frito Lay® Get Out of My Dog’s Paws!

Every year without fail, we host a big Super Bowl party. Unless of course the Seattle Seahawks are playing, then we save our pennies and attend. Yeah, so I don’t want to talk about last year’s Super Bowl where we, mmm…. how can I phrase this… blew it. That aside, along with the hundreds of dollars in therapy well spent, it’s that time of the year again. Bring it, NFL! This year, while nestled in my comfy sofa, I started planning for our Super Bowl© buffet. My husband and I are vegan and we have a lot of vegan and non-vegan friends, so food planning takes a bit of time. My husband has this thing for Frito© pie. Yup, I married a classy one. So every Super Bowl I try to sneak in a vegan Frito pie – it’s not that complicated…. yet, annually when he eats it, the words ‘Goddess’ tumble from his mouth, so I go with what works to keep my husband mesmerized. That said, and back to this year’s planning, Frito pie was a given….but I couldn’t get the smell of Frito’s out of my mind… or nose. Until I looked down and noticed my pup laying there, toes in the air. So I took a whiff. Hey! Dear Frito Lay®, get out of my dog’s paws!

Why Do My Dog’s Paws Smell Like Fritos?

Dear Frito Lay© Get Out of My Dog's Paws, by Rebecca Sanchez The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDog Let’s get this straight….your dog’s paws smelling like Fritos or the generically named corn chips, have nothing to do with too much corn in your dog’s diet. If only science was that basic. Here’s some proof. In the summer, after you’ve gobbled down a lot of freshly grilled corn on the cob, smell your feet. Yes, I just said that… go ahead, I’ll wait…. Enough waiting….here’s the reality, they won’t smell like Fritos. They might smell like dirty summer feet, but nothing else. So, no… that’s not it. The smell is actually caused by bacteria in your dog’s paws. It’s completely normal, so normal that one of our more endearing names for our sweet Mattie includes, “Frito Toes!”

What To Do About Frito Toes?

What? You don’t dig the smell? Am I the only one who does? No, thousands of dog lovers find the smell of their dog’s paws to be delightful! We share a closeted little secret of ‘corn chip paw adoration,’ where we occasionally sneak in a few smooches on our dog’s paws. Soon we’ll form a support group – come on, admit it, you’d join that kind of group! But, okay, for the sake of argument, lets say you’re not a member of this elite group and you want to have a little less Frito pie on your pup. We’ve established the corn chip smell is a normal part of your dog’s physiology, and rather like human scent, it’s just a part of living. But there are a few things you can do to help minimize your dog’s pig odiferousness.
pawprintTrim the fur on your dogs feet. Clip the fur between your dogs toes and trim to keep the fur off of and away from your dog’s paw pads. Just like the hare, slow and steady wins the race. Be calm, and gently grow in to the ‘trusted care taker of the toes’ role.

pawprintBathe your dog regularly, paying special attention to in-between their toes. Make sure you dry their toes, toe fur, and paw pads thoroughly post bath. Post bath, dry your dog’s paws off thoroughly with a towel and then set a hair dryer on low/cool, gently blowing the air on their feet. Spread their toes with your finger and just slowly and patiently keep at it until dry.

pawprintTo help with any bacteria or fungal odors, and for plain good healthy hygiene, give your dog a relaxing pawdicure with a little epsom salt. Epsom salt is a super healer and will help keep everything between your dog’s paws all nice and neutral.

Dear Frito Lay© Get Out of My Dog’s Paws – or – Give Me Frito Pie For Reals!

Wouldn’t it be great if our dog’s paws smelled like a smorgasbord of snack food? A bit of Taco Bell® on Tuesday, Fritos on Friday and Wendy’s® on Wednesdays! Things just don’t work that way. Science is…well…science, and so you are left with the reality that your dog’s paw smells are somewhat set and if you want them to smell differently you’ll have to soak them in fast food drippings or give them a quality hygienic pawdicure. Being that I am an advocate of healthy eating and healthy living, both for you and your fuzzy ones, I promote the later. So, whether you’re a Panther pal or a Bronco buddy, good luck in this year’s Super Bowl and I hope this post has helped you understand that paws are at their best when they are au’ natural! Oh, still Jonesin’ for vegan Frito pie? Check out our pal’s at Vegan 8 for their recipe – it’s the bomb!

Do you wonder why your dog does certain things or has a funny way about him, or maybe your just wondering if something your dog does is normal? Well, don’t hesitate, send your question to The Pet Lifestyle Guru™ and get featured in a future MattieDog® article!

Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDog


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  1. Thank you so much for linking to my frito pie! So happy you all love it!

    • We absolutely love it and included it at our Super Bowl party!

  2. Oh I know just what you’re talking about! Pugs are notorious for having “corn chip” smelling toes! I never noticed this on any of my previous dogs. I give Edie more frequent baths in the warmer weather and she gets Epsom salt feet soaks as well.

    • Epsom salt ‘paw-dicures’ are great for our pups! Give Edie a little hug for us!

  3. Wow I did not know about this. Haven’t experienced it (yet).

    • You are fortunate – corn chip toes are notorious in pups!

  4. We always BOL when we read this! 🙂 The Lapdogs just got baths over the weekend, much to their dismay.

  5. So funny- I LOVE corn chips and salsa – have not really noticed Kilo the Pug’s feet. He gets a little sweaty there sometimes and then he has a bath. He is not a fan of people touching his toes or getting wet so we avoid the pawdicures. He is due for a trim and I dread it.

  6. I’ve heard about this before but I’ve never noticed Mr. N’s feet to smell like Fritos!

  7. Interesting! I didn’t know this was caused by a bacteria. Thanks for all the helpful tips for how to reduce the smell.

  8. Thanks for the tips! I’ve done epsom salt baths before and they work nice on their feet, just make sure they don’t have any cuts or scrapes!

  9. I have read about this in the past but Layla’s feet do not smell like this hmmm


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