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All compensation raised through the following relationships, funds, in part, The MattieDog Foundation. All proceeds are used to support our animal advocacy work. No one at MattieDog receives payment of any kind. Use the form below to review your sponsorship needs. We are ethical and transparent in our relationships, and abide with FTC regulations.


MattieDog Review High Paw BadgeReviews grow a product or service’s reach! Pet lovers everywhere are eager to read reviews from trusted sources prior to purchasing. That’s us! You could even earn our High Paw award. We’re never hampered by a conflict of interest, and give honest reviews. We will not provide a review or promote a product unless we feel it benefits our readers.

Public Speaking

By special arrangement we are available for public appearances and speaking engagements. Customized to need.


If you want people to discover your product or service, then MattieDog + Giveaways = Success! Face it, people love to win things. By having MattieDog facilitate your giveaway, your pet and family-friendly audience will grow by leaps and bounds.


At this time there are a limited number of spots available. If you are not approved at initial contact, when a vacancy becomes available you will be notified. Requirements: Family friendly and pet-related or pet friendly. Sizing and pricing for ad space is as indicated.

Media Spokesperson

If your need is focused on the human-animal bond and you want a creative, intelligent and fun approach then you need us!

Sponsored Premium Package

Each year we reserves four very special Sponsored Premium packages. These package includes blog or article posts as well as social media, and may include sponsored travel and or speaking engagements as needed to fulfill requirements. Our Sponsored Premium Package availability is limited to allow for adequate preparation, marketing strategy and planning, and media development.

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Sponsored Posts & Guest Posts

If you think that our knowledge regarding the pet/animal niche can benefit your publication or blog, we’re here to help! Our passion is to focus on products, services, businesses, or locations that are dog oriented and friendly, as well as anything that advances animal advocacy and the human-animal bond. All MattieDog guest articles and posts will be unique to the sponsor’s request.

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In compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules, MattieDog may receive payment (monetary and/or product) for items found on our website. You may encounter product links whereby if you purchase we may receive a very small percentage of the sale. Rest assured that no one at MattieDog receives compensation of any form (except doggy kisses), and that all proceeds collected go to our animal advocacy work.