Changing a Life

Changing a Life
 So, many of you know that we adopt senior dogs. My momma and dadz love them and the oldies, well they flourish under my parents gentle and caring attention. But why do they adopt senior dogs and how did they initially take this step?

Well, it’s all chronicled here – where I talk about my dadz finding a senior Shih Tzu destined to pass likely without being adopted. His name at the time was Mai Tai and well, my parents decided that since the little guy was deaf, and they didn’t want to call out the name of a cocktail whenever they attempted to get his attention, that they would change his name.

My parents tried all sorts of names, and the one they settled on? OD, for Old Dude! OD was awesome, amazing, wonderful, and revived anew living with our family. He passed at 17 and we all miss him every day. But we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to love and be loved by our senior rock star OD. Boy, he was so grateful to have been adopted – he showed us his gratitude every day, in everything he did!

If you are thinking of adopting a senior I’ve written a great article that addresses things to consider and perhaps do for a ‘new’ oldie that joins your family.

Read my article: Senior Animals Adoptions, and leave a message, letting me know what you think.

Thanks for listening about OD – he meant the world to us, and he was an amazing ‘older’ brother!

With lub,
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  1. As we get older, adopting older dogs will be more and more likely for us. This time, we chose to adopt a young one simply because we were still financially exhausted from Jasmine’s medical care and wanted a dog with no illness in the history so anything that might crop up would be covered by health insurance. That’s they only way we can take care of her properly.

  2. Awwwww – Love the name Old Dude!

  3. Senior dogs are the best dogs! They are loyal and make the best cuddle buddies. I adopted a senior dog a few years ago (rest his soul) and he was my everything.

  4. Senior dogs need love too! Chip is 14 years YOUNG!

  5. Great minds…just wrote about senior cats. The old guys really are special.

  6. Adopting senior pets is a wonderful thing to do. Mom and Dad say that when our family is ready to adopt a dog that we are going to adopt a senior.

  7. We love seniors…so much love to give!!!! Thanks for remembering that they need love too!

  8. It’s so wonderful that you care so much for older pets. They need it so much.

  9. I think adopting senior dogs is a wonderful and compassionate thing to do. Just as it is horrible to think of myself as dying unloved and unwanted, it is the same for an old dog. It means a lot to these dogs to have live the last of their lives in a home and heart of love.


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