Can My Dog Eat Spaghetti? The Benefits of Spaghetti Squash

Can My Dog Eat Spaghetti? The Benefits of Spaghetti Squash
Well now, that is a loaded question. Loaded like a loaded meatball! So, your dog likes spaghetti does he? Ours do too. You can’t help but fling dogs a few strands of pasta noodles after they’ve cooled a bit. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? It all depends where your line is for giving your pup ‘scraps.’ But there are some precautions with pasta, and honestly, there is a little known secret about ‘spaghetti’ that will have you and your doggo jumping for joy with the answer to: Can my dog eat spaghetti?

Mangia the Pasta?

Can Your Dog Eat Spaghetti? By Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet LIfestyle Guru at MattieDogHere’s the deal with pasta, it’s really not a dog’s thing. Why? While pasta isn’t harmful to dogs when given in small amounts, dogs intestinal systems give clues to what they should eat. Species designed with long intestines, like dogs, fall into the ‘omnivore’ category.

So dogs are more of a spicy meatball kinda species rather than a pasta lovin’ species. Well, not spicy in the literal sense, but I think you get my gist (and hopefully my humor). Pasta is comprised of wheat flour and egg. While a bit of wheat won’t hurt a dog, they really wouldn’t select it if left to their own devices and their gastrointestinal system’s fermentation process isn’t designed to break down this type of food source for their nutritional needs. So, in other words, why bother…and remember food is about nutrition, not about comfort or tasty treats.  Feeding your dog without keeping nutrition the focus can lead to health decline seen in humans: weight gain, diabetes, and in some cases heart disease.

How About Meatballs?

Eating a spaghetti meal without meatballs is like…well, like eating boiled noodles with sauce. Ya gotta eats your meatballs if you’re having spaghetti! Relying on what you just learned, knowing doggos are meat eaters, the answer is a resounding, yes! Just don’t make them spicy. Here’s an awesome pic demonstrating how to make and serve meatballs for your dog’s spaghetti meal (yup – we’re gonna make some spaghetti for your dog, be patient now!):

Can Your Dog Eat Spaghetti? By Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet LIfestyle Guru at MattieDog

So, What Do You Use for Spaghetti?

Here’s the secret: spaghetti squash! I know, right! Hey, it’s right there in front of you – not a sexy piece of produce like kohlrabi (just rolls of the tongue, don’t it?), spaghetti squash has the same texture as pasta and is chuck full of nutrition.  A perfect piece of food to help fend off arthritis and heart disease, spaghetti squash is loaded with B vitamins (riboflavin, niacin, and thiamin) that are known to promote cellular functions; and folate which supports cell health and is reported to filter out homocysteine from your (and your dog’s) body and help promote heart health. Oh, and don’t forget the potassium for muscles and nerves, manganese for bones and tissues, omegas that help fight off inflammation and boosts brain function, and spaghetti squash has a good amount of calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. Yup, so like I said – it’s not sexy, but it is a super food for health!

Can My Dog Eat Spaghetti? Yes!

Making spaghetti, Italiano style, is an easy and nutritious, special meal for your dog! We make spaghetti for our pups at least once a month (mostly because we eat spaghetti squash fairly often). So enough beating about the bush, here’s how you make doggo spaghetti.

Can Your Dog Eat Spaghetti? By Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet LIfestyle Guru at MattieDogSpaghetti Squash: Cut squash length-wise in four equal parts. Store three quarters in your refrigerator, and cover the remaining quarter with plastic wrap and microwave for 5 minutes. Handle carefully when you pull the squash out of the microwave. Remove plastic wrap and let it cool on your counter for about 15 minutes. Once cooled, use a spoon to remove the seeds. Hold the cooked squash in one hand, and with your free hand take a fork and scrape length wise. See! Cooked spaghetti squash once cooked, looks just like spaghetti noodles!

Meatballs Dog-Style: We feed raw, but regardless the recipe for doggo friendly meatballs are the same if you cook them or serve as is. Our pup is 15lbs so we serve him about a 1/4 pound of protein per day. We take 1/4 pound ground beef, .5oz beef liver, 1/4 egg (just stir one up and pour out a quarter of it) along with a little bit of shell, and mix together in a food processor. The liver and egg is not essential when served as a treat, just include them if you are inclined. Form the meatball mix into little, dog mouth size friendly balls. If you want to bake them, go ahead and do so according to your normal meatball cooking temp and time.

Plate the Spaghetti and Meatballs: Place about 2T of spaghetti squash in the bottom of your dog’s bowl and place 1/2 of the meatballs on top! Why half of the meatballs? Because we feed our dogs two times a day – you can serve all the meatballs all at once if you feed your dog once a day.

The answer to the question, “can I give my dog spaghetti?” is a resounding yes – but make it count! Give your pup things that are good for him and feed his body. Just like you are doing for yourself. Hey, take the remaining spaghetti squash and make yourself a yummy meal – and you are your pup can have a dinner date for two!

Well, there you go – yes, spaghetti and meatballs is a nutritious, healthy, and totally appropriate meal to give your pup to let him know how special he is to you! You really can’t go wrong with serving your doggo foods that he will enjoy and thrive on – it’s a win-win for everyone!

Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDogThanks for reading, and until next time – take care and keep on lovin’ your dog! MattieDog A little dog making a big impact in this world, MattieDog, social media superstar, animal advocate, animal author

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  1. Yummy! Healthy and delicious for humans and their dogs! What more can we ask?

    • Exactly – it is so tasty (and good for us)!

  2. My dog likes spaghetti squash also. Thanks for the reminder that it can be a good alternative to feeding traditional pasta. I have yet to make my dog meatballs to go with it though. Might have to give your recipe a try.

    • Give it a whirl – I’m sure your pup will love this little spaghetti and meatball twist!

  3. What a cool way for dogs to enjoy spaghetti and meatballs. I wouldn’t have thought of giving a dog spaghetti squash.

  4. That is a neat take on spaghetti! This way our dogs get the daily dose of veggies they need.

  5. WOW I have never thought about this dish for Layla although I would use ground chicken or turkey but am going to try this to see how she likes it, thanks for the idea

  6. Yum! We love spaghetti squash! A healthy meal that can be shared together with our dogs, love it!

  7. That’s a great and different recipe! I never thought about giving the dogs spaghetti squash even though I love and prefer it. I also recommend the frozen, bland, healthy turkey kind of meatballs to clients as training treats (cut into tiny pieces), but I like your variation much better.

  8. Pasta actually isn’t all that bad of food for dogs in moderation. Particularly things like egg noodles. There is a reasonable amount of protein in those things. I do a little bit when we have it. Cannot be without some meatballs type of thing, though LOL

    The main thing to watch for would be the sauce, mainly if there are onions or onion powder in it.

  9. This all sounded so delicious and nutritious, I might make it for my dog, Soldier, AND for me. After all, it would be nutritious for me, too!

  10. Love this post. Great introduction to a DIY recipe for spaghetti for dogs.

  11. What a fun way to kick up your pups dinner!

    • It really is – and doggos love spaghetti squash (and the meatballs too)!


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