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Russell Madness Give Away

Dogs in movies are so very heart warming, and Russell Madness doesn’t disappoint. Read about how MattieDog partnered with Russell, of Russell Madness, for a great movie give away. Enter today!

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Best Dog Magazine Give Away

Every now and again blessings happen. It just so happened one came my way over this holiday season. I’m going to be featured in A Dog’s Best Friend Magazine and they’ve asked me to be one of their featured writers! What will I do as a writer for A Dog’s Best Friend Magazine? Well mostly I’ll cover stories that highlight dog’s doing good things – dogs that spread love – people that share their lives with dogs – dogs doing fun things – and, well, dogs! My first Best Dog Magazine article will be out mid-January, so make sure you check them out. Consider getting a subscription so that you can get my monthly article. Simply by leaving the following information in the comment box you’ll be entered in 1 of 5 chances to win a free subscription to A Dog’s Best Magazine. First and Last Name Social Media/Twitter Name (if applicable) Email (in a safe form: MattieDog AT Domain DOT com) Reason you want to win a year subscription to A Dog’s Best Friend Magazine That’s it – enter by January 11, 2015 and you will be included in the drawing for a free one-year subscription. Winners will be picked at random and only one winner per person/anipal. Good luck – and I truly hope you enjoy reading more of my writing. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming A Dog’s Best Friend Magazine and have a great dog-related, heartwarming story to share contact me. With lub, MattieDog Tweet me on Twitter – Like me on Facebook Get My Newsletter! For Email Marketing you can trust. Share Some...

Animals Love Summer Too Contest

The other day momma and I walked to the beach. I like the beach, it smells like salt, dampness, and fish. “Summer, I love it Mattie!” momma said. I laid down, legs stretched out behind me with my tummy resting on the cool, damp sand, and happily wagged my tail. I love Summer too! Enter my Animals Love Summer Too Contest and show off your fuzzy one enjoying Summer. Every entry will get a little something from me, and the animal with the most votes wins a grand prize from my store! That’s it – no gimmicks, nothing to buy, or sign-up for. Why am I doing this – cuz I love summer, and I love animals!  So, go ahead – enter today (contest closes Aug 15, 2014)! Click here to enter or to vote! Lub, MattieDogp.s. Oh and if you don’t have an animal, well today is a good day to adopt one! Share Some...
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