The Best Pet Stories of 2017

The Best Pet Stories of 2017

2017 came in like a lion and went out like a lamb, am I right? No. No, I am not right. 2017 was as wacky a year as I’ve experienced in a long time. For me, it came in like a lighting bolt and went out like I stuck a screwdriver in an electric socket…still active, standing my hair straight up on end! We’ve had our share of emergencies, doggo crazy moments, family health issues, work ’bout to kill me’ time, and everything in-between. In the end though, what’s gotten us through is seeing the best pet stories of 2017.

Here Are The Best Pet Stories of 2017

What Could Be Better Than A Dog For Mayor?

Canada is the best big brother to the north the United States ever had. Proud yet humble, smart while also kind, attentive without interference.  And now, our big brother is even better because of Finn the dog and almost Mayor of St. Johns! Finn’s parents needed a brand new approach to getting politicians in their town to pay attention to things like pot holes, so what did they do – yup, they got Finn to star in a video to show them how a real candidate makes and keeps promises.

Dad Loves His Dog

Guys… Sometimes your desire to be macho is a bit, well, un-macho. Plus, I’m a cowboy boot wearing Latina, and that means I have my own brand of machismo, chica-style. But you simply gotta love it when a doggy daddy freely shows his love for his pup. And that’s what you get in this one. Feast your eyes on Avenger’s star Chris Evans reuniting with his pup after being gone on location for what must seem like an eternity… For both of them!

Happy, Happy Hippo

Love that song “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas?” So do we! That’s why we love Fiona, the baby hippo born 6-weeks premature. The little girl is a fighter, and a cutie patootie to boot. Little Fiona became an overnight social media sensation, and she even gave us a little Christmas present too!

More Great 2017 Critter Stories – And One Is Yours!

Remember April the giraffe? You want to talk about the longest gestation period on the planet… Even I had phantom labor pains for the poor girl. But after all of that, April gave birth and the world rejoiced! There is also Mochi, the doggo with the longest tongue-oh.

But honestly, the best pet story of 2017 is the one you shared with your amazing animal! Whether it was just hanging out together, cooking for your fuzzy one, or making it through a health scare whole, and in one piece. Your own personal story is the best pet story of 2017. Ours is that we have our pups with us, all healthy and happy. While Spike has IVDD, arthritis, and is on CBD to help with his ailments, he has more good days than bad. We feel blessed knowing that all of our fuzzy ones are loved and cared for, and are receiving the best care possible. That’s our best 2017 pet story!

Now, tell us your best pet stories of 2017!

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  1. Thanks so much for bringing these stories back for our review! Animals are truly amazing and so are you!

    • They most certainly are!

  2. Love the stories you highlighted. There is so much love to be found in the stories of dogs and their people.

    • Animals definitely are a gateway to love, aren’t they!

  3. OMG Fiona the hippo is like my favorite story of all time! I love her. But Finn is pretty awesome too – he has my vote!

    • Fiona was a pure delight in 2017 – what a cutie pie!

  4. Fiona was definitely a high point in 2017 for me! I watched her from birth to today, always enjoying her progress.

  5. Such sweet animal stories! Our best pet story of 2017 was bringing Lizzie McSquare home. Watching her bond with Bernie and Bernie take on mentor pup duties was and continues to be a constant joy.

  6. I think April the Giraffe was the one I paid the most attention to. I didn’t want to, but I found myself sitting at the computer with the webcam focuses on her for hours while I worked. I was happy that I was actually watching when the baby was born.

  7. I don’t know how I missed all of these when they first happened but they are so fun to watch right now! Loved Finn for Mayor, he would get my vote too!!

  8. I love animal stories, and I know they teach us a lot about our own lives (or they teach ‘some’ people…)

    Pets and animals are a real gift we need to value more.

  9. I enjoyed these stories from 2017. There were many things in 2017 that I wish never happened, and I’m glad for the reminder of the good things!


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