BarkBox Is Christmas In Box for Dogs

BarkBox Is Christmas In Box for Dogs

MattieDog BarkBoxI admit it, I like control. That’s why those internet shopping services don’t work for me. You know the ones, you enter a profile and viola they select and ship you snappy little outfits based on 10 questions. So far my experience has been shopping services=4 and me=0. My body measurements cannot translate with the specificity I need simply through a questionnaire. But for our dogs – hey, BarkBox® gets it right! We answered a few questions and bingo, BarkBox is Christmas in a box for dogs! Even with my control issues, I was relieved to have someone else pick out some fun items for Mattie and his fuzzy brothers and sisters.

MattieDog Cousin NikoIt’s not too late to get your pup a sweet little holiday gift and subscribe to BarkBox. Subscriptions start at $19! Heck, at that price you could afford to send your fuzzy niece or nephew a BarkBox present. Ha, we love calling my sister’s little furry family member our nephew. Niko is a cutie pie, don’t you think? I wonder what Santa’s bringing Nikko this year….hmmm, maybe we already know!

New To BarkBox: What It Is and How It Works

Buy BarkBoxBarkBox is a subscription box for dogs with a head product tester dog named Scout. Scout’s work helps BarkBox selects 4-6 treats and super fun toys curated to match a monthly theme. BarkBox treats are sourced from the USA and Canada, and their chews come from USA, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand. So, to put it all together: BarkBox tests and selects the best products tailored for your pooch, places them in a nifty box and sends them to you. Pretty simple. Then you put the box on the floor and and let your dog sniff it for a bit. Open the box and it’s nirvana for your dog! You’re dog will now worship you…or the monthly BarkBoxes… don’t be picky, take hero worship where you can get.BarkBox is holiday in a box for dogs

Another reason to love BarkBox is that they support over 3,000 rescues, shelters and dog-loving non-profits – like us! We here at MattieDog® partner with BarkBox – all money earned through our sales is directed to our monthly animal charity selection. This month, because we’re in the giving season, we have selected two animal charities: Pasado’s Safe Haven and The Doney Memorial Animal Clinic. Both groups use the month of December to focus on helping animals in homeless or no and low-income families. We dig their commitment to judgement free compassion. Having worked in healthcare for 20+ years I understand that you can never truly know anyone’s story and that the human spirit can often survive and thrive when they know that someone out there cares.


So, you want to be a Santa to your pup, then BarkBox is the way to go! Click on the blue BarkBox to the right to order your first subscription, and know that you’ve done some good and helped out needy animals this holiday season.

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