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Who Is MattieDog?

Rebecca Sanchez, MattieDog, Mattie's Momma, MattieDog mommaFounded in 2009, out of the love and devotion for her little dog, Rebecca Sanchez, better known as The Pet Lifestyle Guru, found MattieDog! Rebecca set out to create something unique. Something that, in a truly novel way, would pay homage to her fuzzy son, Mattie. After 20+ years working in healthcare – patient care through administration – Rebecca’s expertise serves her well. With a pure heart and a selfless love for Mattie, and all rescued and adopted dogs, Rebecca developed MattieDog and became a leader in the pet blogger world. Today, MattieDog has grown beyond Rebecca’s wildest dreams!

Animal Advocate  *  Author  *  Social Media Superstar

Affiliate Disclosure

The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

We share our knowledge of quality products or services that we use, and when you purchase through our links we earn a tiny amount of money, all at no cost to you. All money earned is used for the advancement of animal welfare.

Our Mission

The MattieDog® Foundation mission and programs:

  • Educate and advance knowledge of the human-animal bond;
  • Advance a more holistic lifestyle that includes animals;
  • Create and promote the combination of social media and animal advocacy;
  • Explore products and services that help humans share their lives with animals;
  • Bring together groups, organizations and donors dedicated to the advancement of non-lethal animal management;
  • Promote compassionate animal assistance and management  programs;
  • Have fun!

Our Transparent and Ethical Approach

The MattieDog® Foundation is a volunteer only organization, no individual receives compensation of any manner. Your donations are used for the sole purpose of meeting the Foundation’s mission. Please feel free to ask questions when making a donation. You will receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers from us!

Let’s Partner!

The MattieDog® Foundation is always exploring creative ways to further its animal rescue advocacy mission. Put your mind to work and share your ideas with us. Don’t be shy… together we can save the life of an animal!

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