Adopt A Dog Knowing #ShedHappens

Adopt A Dog Knowing #ShedHappens
This post is sponsored by Swiffer® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am helping spread the word about Swiffer, and donate ALL proceeds to help animal welfare, adoption and spay and neutering. We here at MattieDog® only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Swiffer is not responsible for the content of this article. We hope you enjoy, Adopting A Dog Knowing #ShedHappens!

#ShedHappensAs we head in to the big holiday season, we have one request to make of you. Go ahead, be a hero…adopt a dog! Your children will adore you. Your neighbors will be filled with envy. And the little dog you just welcomed in to your house? Well, that little guy will think that you, oh great thing with magical thumbs, are the most amazing thing he or she has ever seen. Dog are wonderful, and this holiday season you can adopt a dog in spite of when #shedhappens!

MattieDog Enjoys Swiffer #ShedHappensSpeaking of saving the day, let’s get back to dog adoption. Being a hero is actually very easy. Just like our friend Peg, and her newly adopted Shih Tzu, Charlotte. Just like our friends, you can adopt a dog from one of the shelters providing the Welcome Home Kit goodies from Swiffer and BarkBox. In a previous post I introduced you to this great campaign, and today I spread the Swiffer cheer with Charlotte soon after she got adopted!

What is shed? Oh, shed is that stuff that falls on your floor, pills in your carpet, and creates bunnies out of dust. When you adopt a dog you’ll become acquainted with shed. It’s a given. Just like when you have a child…or children. I don’t know what the plural of shed is…maybe sheds, but anyway you cut it, kids and children are sheders. When #shedhappens you don’t have you to worry – you’ll have Swiffer on hand to save the day!

‘Welcome Home Kit’ Movie Premiere Staring Charlotte – #ShedHappens!

Swiffer and Bark & Co. – Companies With Big ❤︎s

This holiday season, Swiffer and Bark & Co. want to help more families and pets to experience love through pet adoption, just like Charlotte – and to have more time for play and less time required for clean-­up. That’s why Swiffer and Bark & Co. are providing 10,000 of those wonderful Welcome Home Kits to participating shelters across the country. Oh, and Swiffer is making a $50,000 total donation to select shelters to support their needs this holiday season. Can you say, ‘ho ho ho!’

Children and Adopted Dogs Means #ShedHappens

MattieDog Enjoys Swiffer's Welcome Home KitCharlotte is a cutie-patootie that needed a good, quiet home full of love. Charlotte got lucky! Not only is her home full of love, she’s doubly blessed because her parents adore her imperfect, yet perfect ways! Some rescue dogs may need a bit more time to acclimate to a house full of new family members – but, hey, you would too if you just got picked up and plopped in to a new home full of strangers. So take it easy and soon you’ll be fast friends with your newly adopted pup, and if you have kids, they’ll benefit as well.

A great way to help teach children empathy, sympathy, and responsibility is to adopt an animal. Data doesn’t lie! Children and dogs are like peanut butter and jelly, but just like these tasty treats, you’ve got to balance things out and get the types and amounts just right. But once figured out and you add a pup to your family, you can start encouraging child/pup activity – walks, training, grooming, and cleaning. It’s the last of these that will be the easiest, with Swiffer, clean up will be a breeze! Swiffer, #ShedHappens, MattieDog Recommends Swiffer

Call To Action: Selfie Time With Adopted Pet and Welcome Home Kit

Use the Swiffer animal shelter search tool to search for and adopt your new family pet. Once settled in take a selfie of you along with your new ‘furever’ family member and your Welcome Home Kit box stuffed full of @Swiffer and @BarkBox goodies and post it to your various social media channels. Let the world know that you are ready for when #ShedHappens you’ve got things covered. Go ahead, be a hero!

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  1. Wonderful post… we are huge advocated for adoption!

    • Thank you – we dig that Swiffer is supporting adoption!

  2. I don’t know how I survived before my Swiffer! ☺

    • Same thing my momma says!

  3. All of our pets are from the shelter! 😀 Also, we love swiffer products! 😀

    • Us too – all fuzzier from rescues and momma can’t do without her Swiffer stuff!

    • Oh yes, I’m sure you do you beautiful kitties! So glad that Swiffer helps out!

  4. Such a cute little movie, it’s always a special experience to adopt or rescue an animal and bring them home!

    • We were so happy to have the timing just right! So glad you enjoyed the movie!

  5. The Welcome Home kit is super cute. And I didn’t know there was a Swiffer search tool so that’s awesome as well – this whole program is such an important resource.

    • Exactly – we thought that Swiffer did a really good job of helping to advance rescue-based adoptions!

  6. This is such a wonderful initiative! Shedding is definitely a factor in people not adding a pet to their family. Charlotte is so beautiful, she’s one lucky dog!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them
    Cathy Armato recently posted…Therapy Dog Stress BusterMy Profile

  7. Every kid should have a pet – dog or cat!

  8. I love this program! Such a great idea. I also need a new Swiffer – Kilo the Rescue Pug sheds like a little bandit. He leaves black hair everywhere – especially on my white sofas. #Shedhappens at our house LOL
    Talent Hounds recently posted…All Tucked InMy Profile


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