A New “Child” in the Neighborhood

A New “Child” in the Neighborhood
Published as a part of the “MattieDog Perspectives” series, this article share’s observations about life based on a dog’s perspective. Often joyful, whimsical, and reflective, the MattieDog Perspectives always contain a nugget or two of wisdom for you to contemplate as you travel along the journey of your life. I hope you enjoy reading “A New Child in the Neighborhood,” from the MattieDog Perspectives series. ~ Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru, Momma and Forever Servant to MattieDog.

So, the other evening my dog walker and I took a little evening jaunt through the neighborhood. It was fun. We saw a lot of new things, twinkling lights sparkled against the dark of the night. “Mattie, look at Terry’s house, they have a big Santa on their porch,” exclaimed my dog walker as we made our way towards Terry’s house aglow in warm, blinking lights. I looked up at Santa, trying to get closer to sniff his black boots.

A New Child In The Neighborhood, by Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru“Hi Mattie!” I hear somebody yell, happily, and the sound stops me from my boot sniffing duties. I look up. My tail starts to wag, and I’m so happy that my rump follows suit. It’s Terry, my neighbor that I usually see when he walks by my house. ‘I wonder what Santa is doing outside of Terry’s house,’ quickly passes through my mind as I scamper up the front stairs to greet Terry, and in the process I end up dragging my dog walker up to say hi to Terry too.

“Come on in,” says Terry as he leans back and let’s us in his house. Terry’s house is nice, he keeps it all tidy. Terry doesn’t have any dogs, “that’s why it’s so tidy,” momma likes to remind me any time we visit  friends with clean houses. I think momma is trying to tell me something…but I’m not sure what, she’s rather vague. Terry and my dog walker are chatting away and nibbling on some Christmas cookies, and I make myself content looking out the front window, keeping an eye on that Santa outside on Terry’s porch.

Terry and my dog walker continue to talk a bit, and Santa…he just continues to stand there, very still. So I lay down. I can tell this may take a while. Dogs are intuitive. Slowly, I doze off….

“So then we thought, well, since we could never have our own, and we’re too old to adopt…and we don’t want to go out of this world without having a bit of a family, even if for a little while, we thought that hosting a foreign exchange student would be the next best thing.” I heard Terry say as I open up my eyes and see a few cookie crumbs fall from his plate to the floor next to me. I nibble up the crumbs, sweet and warm, cookie crumbs are good. Momma doesn’t let me eat cookies. She’s a lot like that Santa out on Terry’s porch about it too, unwavering. “But who would of thought I’d be this old…or that the ‘child’ (Terry elongated this word so that it lingered in the air a while) would be a masters student!”

As they finished up their cookies, and my dog walker put my harness back on me she said, “Well Terry, you can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.”

“I heard that once,” responded Terry with a smile.

“Where?” my dog walker quizzically asked.

“Mick Jagger,” offered Terry.

Then they both laughed as we walked out the door, down to the sidewalk.A New Child In The Neighborhood, by Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDog

“Congratulations on your new addition, and we’ll be by to meet him after the New Year,” my dog walker said as a goodbye to Terry who was waving, all smiles from his front porch.

“Well Mattie, seems as though Terry has a new family member you’ll get to meet in a few days,” my dog walker said to me while I stopped for one final sniff of Santa’s boot.

I’m not sure what Mick Jagger has to do with it, and I’m really not sure about that Santa in Terry’s front yard…he doesn’t move much. But there is one thing that I do know-I know what a family member is. I’m a member of my family-where I am always loved, always cared for, hugged and made to feel supported throughout my little dog journey.

Terry and his wife are really good and kind people. They’ll make good family for their new, visiting ‘child.’ And I’ll have a new neighbor-friend to say ‘hi’ to on my walks around my neighborhood!

Thanks for reading, and until next time – take care and keep on lovin’ your dog!

Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDog


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  1. What nice neighbours you have Mattie! And it sure is nice to have one’s own family. Merry Christmas!

    • True dat! Merry Christmas to you and yours – much lub!

  2. Very nice! Happy Holidays!

    • You to – blessings to you and yours!

  3. Sounds like an good outing!

    I bet you’ll have fun with the foreign exchange student.

    And that’s fun that you got to see Santa …. I bet that he will be stopping by your house soon!

  4. Dats a grate story Mattie my pal….sorry i dint be reedin it befaw da olifdays…..i bet yoo haz met im by now…i take a gander at yore uvver blogs…


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