5 Things That Prove Dogs Are Psychic

5 Things That Prove Dogs Are Psychic

Dogs are magical, mystical creatures. Somewhere between a unicorn and the fluffy white dragon in Never Ending Story. And yes, occasionally dogs do non-magical things like drag their rumps on the carpet or chew up the mail. But are dogs metaphysical? Do dogs simply know things that would surprise you; and if so, how do they know these things? It could be that dogs have supernatural powers. Here are 5 things that prove dogs are psychic.

Dogs Know Things That Are Going To Happen Before They Happen


Dogs are keenly in tune with their surroundings. Research indicates that a dogs hearing is so discerning, they can hear minuscule movements from underground surfaces; and sense seismic shifts through their paws.


While some dogs can be trained to sense seizures, others simply know and whine, paw at, or even nip their human prior to an impending seizure. While theories in the medical community exist, confirming through blind studies is hard to do and thus, no one knows the ‘why’ with any certainty.


Dogs can sense a storm before they occur. This is mostly due to their ability to ‘feel’ the electromagnetic forces associated with storms. Scientists believe this is due to a dog’s olfactory senses being that of much greater sensitivity when compared to humans, and that dogs smell the electrical current in the air.


When sick, your body’s chemistry changes due to an overactive immune system, particularly with a debilitating illness; and with dogs spectacular sense of smell, they know when humans are sick. Consider seeing a doctor if your dog is focused on sniffing one particular part of your body.


Your dog knows when you are taking them to the vet or taking them to the dog park. Researchers believe this is due to a dog’s careful attention to following their human’s gaze and reading their body language.

Psychic or not, there’s a divide in the dog-lover and scientific communities. While dog-lovers insist that dogs just ‘know,’ scientists counter that what appears to be psychic knowledge is actually a dog’s enhanced application of the five senses. While humans primarily use immediate sensory feedback like visual and touch, dog’s rely more on their highly superior scent and hearing skills. But is that all there is to it? Maybe and maybe not.

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Messages From the Dogs

Psi Trailing – What Is Going On Here

While the jury remains out if dogs are clairvoyant or have precognition or telepathic abilities there is one remaining piece of evidence that points to dogs being psychic and that is psi trailing. Psi trailing is a strong emotional connection between an animal and its’ human caretaker and tends to be associated with dogs (and cats) for their ability to track back to their lost loved one, even when traveling great distances through areas never ventured prior. There are numerous documented cases of psi trailing.

Tony, a dog given to another family when his moved from Chicago, IL to East Lansing, MI nearly 300 miles away. Tony had never been to East Lansing, let alone knew the exact house where his family had moved; and yet, he walked to his family’s new home where he was welcomed and re-adopted.
Troubles the military dog, left behind post mission travels back to unit. In 1960’s Troubles and his handler traveled deep in to South Vietnam when his handler was wounded by enemy fire and taken to a hospital, with the unit leaving Troubles behind. Troubles returned back to his base hundreds of miles away.
Jarvis the Jack Russel became lost in the English countryside while traveling by ferry from his home with his owner. After looking for Jarvis for a day his human traveled the near hundred miles back home assuming never to see her dog again. Jarvis turned up a week later.
Max the Airedale Terrier and his human were involved in a car accident 50 miles from their home. In the aftermath of the collision, Max bolted and was thought to be lost forever. Weeks later Max showed up in his back yard leaving his human speechless.

5 Things That Prove Dog's Are Psychic, by Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDog

What humans refer to as psychic abilities are not the oddities often portrayed on television or in movies, but more so are a natural and biological process with some humans naturally left with or acquiring more attuned skills than others. The same is true of animals. Like humans, dogs possess the same five senses however dog’s have adapted through a different physiology, and thus resulted in similar yet arguably more finely honed sensory pathways.

Mattie’s Psi Trailing Adventure

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MattieDog & Momma

We have had psi trailing encounters with Mattie, one reported by his vet. During a five-day emergency hospital stay, Mattie’s vet remarked that Mattie knew when we were coming to see him, even though we visited at all hours of the day and night, no routine schedule. Two minutes prior to our arrival Mattie would bolt upright in his kennel, press his nose through the gate, tilt his head to the right and focus intently on the door. Nothing would deter him from his stance and staring. The vet techs timed it and confirmed the two-minute mark – without fail this happened. How did Mattie know that we were coming? We have no idea, he was located deep inside the ICU wing of the hospital where there were no windows.

I choose to believe Mattie is psychic, and that we are connected in a way that is both indescribable and uniquely special and transcends time and space. Is your dog psychic? Do you have a special psi trailing experience you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about it. Just leave your story in the comments below. And as Mattie would say:

With lub, MattieDog

Rebecca Sanchez, The Pet Lifestyle Guru at MattieDogThanks for reading, and until next time – take care and keep on lovin’ your dog!

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  1. As a pet psychic & intuitive medium, I witness dogs being telepathic everyday. They are also connected to what they love, like humans. I have found lost dogs in Australia, UK, Canada and the United States just by talking to their owner on the phone. The connection strength is unaffected by distance.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting – I appreciate that you have real life experience on this topic. There definitely is something going on!

    • That is so interesting! I was wondering if you could share some short stories on Mattie’s page here so we can all read….what was the most unusual case you have dealt with?

      Thank you!
      This is for my dog recently posted…Goughnuts Stick Chew ToyMy Profile

      • Can do – there have been quite a few!

  2. Our dogs are definitely psychic.

    They can always tell my mood, so I chuck stress at the door or go for a solo walk if I’m stressed at home.

    And this weekend, Rodrigo (my Beta) was sick and Scout (who will probably take the Beta role when Rodrigo gets older) wouldn’t come in the house. It was like Rodrigo was telling him to back off.

    I pushed him into the house. When he saw me lying with Rodrigo, he came and laid next to us. I had to show him that it was okay.

    • Dogs definitely are psychic – good point, if you are stressed leave it at the door – such great advice!

    • I know – it’s rather amazing! I loved writing this post – it was fun and so much from the heart!

  3. I had never heard of PSI training but with animals as intuitive and smart as dogs, I believe there is no better way to train! This is so awesome and informative, definitely makes me see my little dog in a different light!

  4. My mom has always said that you can tell when something is about to happen by the way the animals behave. Whenever the dogs and cat seem particularly edgy, my Mom is sure we’re going to have a natural disaster. Thankfully, we’ve only been affected personally on very minor levels.

  5. Hi,

    I didn’t knew about PSI training before reading your post. It would be really helpful for me if you could share some more information about this topic.

    This is absolutely correct that dogs can sense unnatural happenings before human beings. We discovered about this kind of dog’s behavior in a recent earthquake. It was just terrible.
    Hans Aberg recently posted…Beautiful Kalani SkateboardingMy Profile


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